It's Time for Something Different


Its time for a Creative Shift

Founded in 2010, Creative Shift Media has grown from a single content creator to a full-blown multimedia shop producing custom crafted content for regional and international brands. Our success is distilled from a volatile cocktail of creativity, communication and passion. These elements come together to create an atmosphere where creativity is rewarded and negativity is shown the door.

Creative Shift Media is built on a foundation of creative professionals that have a greater sense of purpose.  We strive to never be satisfied unless we have added a piece of our soul into every project we touch. We encourage our team to practice their craft in different ways, and we recognize the need for flexibility in our company structure to allow for those differences. At the end of the day, it's these differences that we rely on to come together and create something different than what has been done before.  Something better than  we could ever imagine.

That is the Creative Shift we put into every project.


Core Values

Tell it like it is- Creative Shift Media does business with a straightforward honest approach, right from the start, and you can count on clean proposals, clear answers and our ability to cut through red tape.

Team First- A key value to the Creative Shift Media's brand is our full-service model. Our departments work together seamlessly to efficiently produce every project. Our full-service model allows us to leverage core digital assets to multi mediums such as Live HD Media, Websites, Software Development, Design and TV Productions in one efficient process. This means, one point of contact, a more efficient project schedule, and cost savings passed on to your organization.

When you're doing well, we're doing well- We are committed to helping your organization grow its Brand Identity. Our creative design team can assist with logo production, brand development and a variety of custom print services.

We embrace our nerd side so you don't have to- Creative Shift Media takes pride in developing cutting-edge solutions using the latest technologies. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly educating ourselves on advanced concepts, technologies, production processes and social trends.

Provide The Best in Hi Definition Video Production- An integral part of every rich experience is sight and sound. From conception to delivery, our creative production team is well equipped to produce professional Hi Definition content for your business. Our full service production method allows for efficient and consistent delivery to multiple media formats including TV, web, DVD and more.

Focus – We focus on delivering cutting-edge technology and memorable user experiences with every project. We provide vale for our clients by constantly focusing on generating new opportunities.


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